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“Teak: New Trends in Silviculture, Commercialization and Wood Utilization”
by Dr. Luis A. Ugalde Arias is now available. Price: USD 47. Those interested in buying the book in San José, Costa Rica, can find more information here. For international orders, see pre-order form below.
Teak: New Trends in Silviculture, Commercialization and Wood Utilization
Teak is one of the world’s most remarkable commercial tree species. After pines and eucalyptus, it is the most widely planted forest tree in the world. Superior planting stock in the form of genetic clones developed for specific environmental conditions, along with modern management techniques have transformed it into a champion producer of high quality wood with a very bright future. Unfortunately, too many plantations still do not take advantage of these greatly improved opportunities. This book seeks to remedy this situation. As a compilation of the world literature on teak, supplemented with the author’s own experience throughout the tropics, it offers a readable, practical reference for anyone dealing with this species.

Topics covered in detail include the status and current trends of natural and planted teak forests, the selection of planting sites, propagation and nursery techniques, silviculture and plantation management, harvesting, wood characteristics and processing, financial issues and environmental impacts.

Certainly no other book has such a complete bibliography of the world literature on teak, presented with the vision of an author with many years of direct experience. Anyone contemplating an investment in teak plantations, first needs to invest time in reading this comprehensive and useful book.Dr. Henry Tschinkel
International Forestry Consultant

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